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We can not only produce and build exclusive stands, but also make the whole exhibition. With us you don't have to worry about the other details. We successfully cooperate with many partners that produce and sale portable stands, projection and video equipment, supplies and lease the designer furniture. Choosing us, you will get high quality and unique products made ​​to the highest standards, and can be assured: your exhibition will be remembered by visitors not only for its content but also for its design..

Мобильные выставочные стенды. Стенды в наличии и под заказ.
Широкоформатная печать - экопечать на ткани, бумаге, плёнке.

Предлагает бесшовные видеостены, плазменные панели и другое мультимедийное оборудование. Мы предлагаем современные решения для выставок, бизнеса и развлечений.